Accountability of Gear

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Accountability in the army is important because soldiers as well as equipment, ammunition, food, water and other vital supplies are important for the operation and proper function of the army as a whole. To start with, gear must be accounted for at all times because it is the responsibility of the person it was assigned to, to maintain and properly store. AR 190-51, paragraph 3-8, states that all OCIE issued clothing or gear will be stored in a secure storage container or room with a lock. This policy is also important, due to it making the mission readiness of soldiers more easily ascertained by team leaders, squad leaders, platoon sergeants, and so on. If you don't have accountability of personal gear then when you attempt to conduct a mission you may not have all the gear required, and that could cost you not only failing your mission, but could also cause the slowing of others performing their own missions, potentially causing massive delays depending on what is missing, and who is missing it. Having accountability of each and every peice of ppe at all times lets your leadership know how many soldiers they can spare for various details and still continue with the mission at hand. Another thing that is important to keep track of, is who has access to the areas you are storing any equipment in, as not all ppl belong in these areas and cant always be trusted or may be enemys outright. If soldiers don't have the equipment they need or the equipment they were issued then it could cause a major problem in the mission possibly causing you to fail the mission and lose the lives of yourself or your sodiers for not having proper equipment. Not only is accountability of equipment highly important but making sure all the equipment works how it is designed and intended to be used. Accountability of any equipment assigned to you during a mission is important as well, if you

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