Duties And Responsibilities Of An Nco

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Duties and Responsibilities of NCOs The main duty of NCOs is taking care of soldiers. Corporals and Sergeants do this by taking concern for their soldiers well being. Leaders need to know their soldiers enough to train them as individuals and teams which will give them the confidence in any conditions to perform there duties. Individual training is the main duty and responsibility of NCOs. No one in the Army has more todo with soldiers than NCOs. Duties also include giving punishments and rewards as it states in the NCO Creed. When giving punishments and NCO must be fair with all soldiers for example two soldiers do the same thing wrong an NCO can not be strong on one and lenient on the other. This is called favoritism which is most definitely not being fair at all. The same thing applies for rewards two soldiers do the same thing an NCO can not give one of them a higher reward. There are three types of duties specified duties which are those related to jobs and positions, directed duties which are not specified as part of a job position or MOS or other directive, and implied duties which often support specified duties. A good leader executes the boss’s decisions with energy and enthusiasm; looking at their leader, soldiers will believe the leader thinks it’s absolutely the best possible solution. As a leader we must ensure that our soldiers clearly understand their responsibilities as members of the team and as representative of the Army. Responsibility is being accountable for what we do or fail to do. NCOs are responsible to fulfill not only their individual duties, but also to ensure their teams and units are successful. Any duty, because of the position you hold in the unit, includes a responsibility to execute that duty. As an NCO, you are accountable for your personal conduct and that of your soldiers. Also, each soldier is individually
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