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Introduction I am currently an employee of the Academic Department at DeVry University. After graduating from DeVry University, I was offered a full-time position as an Academic Secretary; I have held this position for three months. Although three months may not be extensive enough for a deep perception of situations, but I have experienced and seen various changes made in the department that have affected employees and students. I consider our Academic Department very unique. It is unique in the way that we work together with the Registrar Department. In reality, it may look like an Academic Department outside, but we carry two departments within. Therefore, issues and problems that I see first hand are an accumulation of both departments, Registrar and Academics. Some of the problems…show more content…
It takes but a few seconds to say, "Nice job," "Well done," "Marked improvement," "You're on the right road," or any number of other phrases that communicate to the employee that you care about the job and about them, and that you recognize an improvement in productivity. Also, employees can be given performance awards or have their name mentioned at staff meetings, posted on a bulletin boards or in employee interoffice e-mail to say that someone did a noteworthy job. All of these simple modes of pointing out individual, team or group behavior serve as very strong methods of improving productivity, self-worth and morale. Another strategy for identifying the cause of poor morale and turning it around is to determine if the work load is sufficient or too pressured, challenging or boring, professionally satisfying or not. As long as the current job isn't overly taxing, provide more challenging tasks--either in breadth or depth to spark an interest in employees. When completed, the employee will discover a sense of accomplishment, feel increased self-worth, and be more productive. And as a result, productivity and morale will

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