albertsons case Essay

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Albertsons is one of the largest grocery and drugstore companies in the United States. However Albertsons is seeing tough times and has see companies such as Wal-Mart eat away at its market share. To fix falling revenue and profits the company brought in Larry Johnson to turn around the company. Johnson came from General Electric where he helped turn around GE’s European division. At General Electric Johnson met training specialist Ed Foreman. Foreman’s 3 day attitude training helped turn around GE’s European division and because of this Johnson brought Foreman with him to Albertsons to implement the same program. Foreman’s program aims to change workers attitudes about the workplace. Johnson’s belief in Foreman’s program has led him to invest 10 million dollars in hopes the program will be one of the major factors that turn around Albertsons profits and revenue. 1. Foreman’s course works to improve the attitudes of the employees working for a given company. Studies have shown that worker attitudes are directly related to the success of a company. Thus the program has the potential to improve worker moral and wellbeing which in turn will help to improve the profitability of Albertsons. As said in the textbook job satisfaction has a direct affect on customer satisfaction and the profitability of a company so if Foreman’s course can do what is pledges then it could have a positive effect on Albertsons profitability. 2. Positive worker attitudes have a large effect on the success of a business. Workers who come to work happy will work harder and do more to improve the company because they feel connected and pleased with their job. If a worker is not happy with their job they will not feel the need, or want to put in the extra effort to try and improve the areas of the company that need improvement. So on the basis the statement made by Johnson is correct. However
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