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EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Employee engagement is a concept that has recently become an area of interest in the human resource and business world. The term employee engagement is often confused with more familiar terms such as employee morale, employee satisfaction, and employee retention. Although these terms can be an indicator of employee engagement, or vice versa, employee engagement means something quite different than just how satisfied an employee is or how long employees stay in the job. Kanaka (2012) defines employee engagement as the emotional bond which develops between the workplace and the employee. Sharma and Anupama (2010) define an engaged employee as one who is fully involved in and enthusiastic about his work and thus will act in a way to further his organization’s interests. Dutta (2008) elaborates a little more in defining engaged employees as those who are highly motivated, very passionate about their work, and very dedicated to the cause of the organization. When I think of an engaged employee, a picture comes to mind of someone who takes pride in their work and who is motivated to go the extra mile, meaning they are willing to put forth extra time and energy because they are fully committed to the overall mission of their organization. Engagement is probably the highest form of commitment from an employee. In addition to taking pride in their own personal work, I believe that employee engagement is a result of an employee’s pride in their organization’s work and their belief that they play a role in the achievement of the overall mission. It has been my experience that employees are more likely to be engaged when they believe their work is meaningful and that it is valued by their employer in terms of recognition and compensation. Therefore, true engagement can result only when an employee is both fully committed to his or her own contributions

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