Organizational Performance At Marks & Spencer Essay

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Monitoring appropriate systems to improve organizational performance at Marks & Spencer 3.1 Design systems to manage and monitor quality standards 1*The ISO 9000 aims to set up and document a system for ensuring the output quality of a process. It is currently funded by the International organization for Standardization To control this quality of standard Marks and Spencer could use Total Quality Management: 2*Total Quality Management is the management approach of an organization centered on quality to improve customer satisfaction while still managing to meet stakeholder needs and expectations effectively and efficiently Total Quality Management has three basic principles that Marks and Spencer can apply to monitor their quality standards: A-Satisfy the customer; for Marks and Spencer to satisfy their customers they are going to need a high quality standard of their food as they charge higher prices than rival companies such as Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s. Consequently if customers find faults in the Marks and Spencer food they are likely to make a bigger complaint because they are paying that extra amount in hope that the food will be better quality. The benefits for M&S satisfying their customers are reduced complaints and therefore less service costs of paying an employee to find out the cause of the issue and fix it. Another benefit would be customer loyalty, which leads to repeat business and positive word of mouth advertisement to potential customers. B- Satisfy the supplier; it is in M&S’s best interests to keep their suppliers happy by paying them on time and giving them clear instructions. By keeping the supplier happy they are more likely to ensure that their products are up to a good quality standard and are delivered on time with minimal problems occurring. C-The final principle of TQM is continuous improvement. It would be unrealistic for

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