Abortion Vs Rowe Research Paper

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Should Rowe V.S. Wade Abortion Law be repealed? Abortion, what is the first thing that comes to mind when we think, hear, or see the word ABORTION? First we may ask ourselves: What really is abortion? Should I be for it or against it? Can it help or can it harm? Abortion can be defined as pregnancy termination accidentally as in a miscarriage or by choice. Abortions cause by rape, incest and possible health concerns to mother/baby constitute only just 7% of abortions that are administered in today clinic. With my research I will try to the best of my ability whether the availability of abortion is an important right to have among women. With all of our questions and/or concerns, legalized or not, abortions will always be apart of society.…show more content…
We all know that one of the few things that we all seem to agree on is that we have to get rid of the abortion law and make sure that any woman that wants an abortion get one no matter the trauma or distress. Undoubtedly we all agree on it, but fail to realize what the law really means, or we may understand it but fail to get advanced with the law and research it. Even though abortion is looked at as “ a right, a form of justice, a woman’s right to choose abortion,”(Pro & Cons of Abortion) we still fail to realize the after affects of abortion. “In our disgust with the extreme oppression women experience under the present abortion laws, many of us are understandably tempted to accept insulting token changes that we would angrily shout down if they were offered to us in any other field of struggle for woman’s liberation.”(www.google.com / pro/cons of abortion) When we see our demands having any effect at all we are then tempted to convince ourselves that everything that sound good right then may not turn out good for women in the long run. And a lot of us are so fed up with the system that we do not even bother to find out what it is doing so we can fight it and demand what we want.

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