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Application of Kant’s Categorical Imperative Abortion has recently became a relevant debate with in the world, on whether is morally permissible or morally impermissible to terminate a fetus. In this paper, I will show how Immanuel Kant's Categorical Imperative theory and arguments can be applied to the abortion issue. In order to that, I will first introduce Kant’s categorical imperative. After, I will continuo to show how Kant’s categorical imperative theory permits us to do or not according to his arguments. Is it right or wrong for someone to make a decision to terminate a human life? Its an end it self. According to Immanuel Kant theory formulation of the categorical imperative that we are supposed to act only on the maxim by which we can and at the same time will, that should become the universal law (Universal law of nature)(Kant). So for a woman that is thinking about having an abortion, she is supposed to act only with the best of acts, and at the same time the act should become a universal law. Moreover, according to Kant’s theory, If a women agrees an on having an abortion, it will be a universal law and everybody should do it no matter the situation or time, by doing the action, you are making it a universal law, and everybody should do it. On the other hand, if you disagree with it, it will be a universal law, that having an abortion is wrong period, and it’s not permissible at all, and under any circumstances. If a woman agrees on having an abortion and thinks it’s the right thing to do, then it’s a moral act, but if she is not sure about it, and thinks it’s wrong to do it, then its immoral act, and should not be done. According to Kant’s theory, you should ask yourself fist whether it would be logically consistent that everyone in your situation should do what you're thinking of doing. If your answer is Yes to the first question, then you ask
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