A Painful Education Essay

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A Painful Education The best lessons that people learn in this life are often called their hard knocks. Referred to in this manner due to the pain, be it physical or emotional, which is associated with the situation. Learning that the girlfriend you met in a bar has been cheating on you for six months is a painful realization, but learning to choose people with better character to be your life partner is usually a lesson worth the pain. There are however, many people who have received these hard knocks lessons and have only focused on the pain, and not on the value of the lesson that was taught; therefore when these people have children, they tend to try and shelter them from these painful lessons in life. A number of people would vouch for the contrary parenting style of exposing the child to the world, and that the most valuable lessons in life are often some of the most painful ones to learn. Here is one of my lessons. The early years of high school are not the glamorous transition to young adulthood that some people believe them to be. They can be even worse than that if you happen to be the straight A, intellectual, small framed, acne ridden, pubescent teen that has received the title of teachers pet. Being the child that I was and actually enjoying school, and the lectures, and the new information that the teachers were explaining to us caused a few unsavory titles that I feel would be better left out of this story. Suffice to say that living in a small, backwoods, country town, when someone tries to learn cultures of art, poetry, and music while respecting women and dressing in clothes that were not always a pair of jeans and a camouflage shirt; the inbred, imbecilic people that I was surrounded by concluded that the only feasible way for me to possess these qualities was for me to be homosexual. Note that I did not particularly care about the ravings of

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