Beowulf's Heroic Qualities

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Hero Essay A great hero can surprisingly come in any shape or form. Not surprisingly some heroes have robust physical strength. Others have great mental toughness. Others have the ability to take a massive beating and rapidly always come back stronger than before. But no matter what the numerous different heroes look like, they all seemingly possess the same attributes. Tremendous courage, bravery, faith, and kindness all ultimately make someone a hero. The epic poem of Beowulf uniformly offers no exception. Beowulf sufficiently possessed tremendous strength and bravery. Despite sometimes wanting the vast glory for himself, Beowulf displayed kindness and faith towards his kinsmen. In spite of his incredible power, Beowulf finally found…show more content…
Beowulf angrily rises up with his great warriors to go out, find the dragon, and fight it. Beowulf quickly finds the dragon in a cave that holds the dragon’s large loot from his raids. Beowulf bravely tells his warriors that he will fight the mighty dragon alone. He confidently goes to the mouth of the cave and challenges the massive dragon. Soon after the battle begins however, Beowulf quickly realizes that he cannot defeat the might of the great dragon. Gravely wounded, Beowulf appears to have no way to win until one of his faithful followers, named Wiglaf, rushes to his aid. With the help of Wiglaf, Beowulf finally slays the dragon despite his mortal wound. Beowulf gracefully gives his tremendous kingdom to Wiglaf to rule, before he passes…show more content…
These qualities ultimately tend to be possessed by true heroes. I have not always always acted with great heroism, especially while dealing with extreme issues, my battle with depression though tested me to show what I believe to be a since of heroism. Middle school was an extremely difficult time for me, bullies and teachers sought me out every day and acted with tremendous displeasure towards me. I valiantly to prove the kids whom crushed me and made comments that left a permanent impression on my brain. My parents, after my consistent begging and pleading, graciously offered me the opportunity to attend Northwest Middle School. I gladly accepted their offer to attend school with friends and people that I am still friends with to this day. He currently attend therapy for the strong depression I’ve felt since those lonely days at Sevier Middle. Along the way there have been many hard conflicts that have accordingly taken much work to resolve. My amazing parents and I have boldly handled all of these situations well and have adjusted working with all issues tied into depression. I can now say that, even though I’m still battling, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The incredible story of Beowulf often reminds us that we cannot do everything on our own; we often have to rely on others for help. Just like I has had to faithfully rely on

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