A True Epic Hero

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Anne Wandungu Mr. Beson English IV, Period 6 October 7th 2011. A True Epic Hero The old English poem Beowulf follows the main character Beowulf and his heroic deeds. Beowulf saves the Danes from a monster named Grendel. He then has to battle Grendel’s mother who seeks revenge for her son. Beowulf eventually becomes king and dies defending his people from a fire dragon. Beowulf accomplishes his hero cycle through heroic deeds, encounter with numinous phenomenon, and his death, proving he is an ideal hero. To begin, Beowulf starts off the hero cycle strong by performing heroic deeds leading up to his challenge. He says, “A monster seized me, drew me swiftly toward the bottom, swimming with its claws tight in my flesh, but fate let me find its heart with my sword, hack myself free; I fought that beast’s last battle, left it floating lifeless in the sea” (Beowulf 273-278). Once in a swimming race Beowulf had been attacked by a sea monster and had to save himself. He slew the monster and eight other seas beasts. He also says, “I swam in the blackness of night, hunting monsters out of the ocean, and killing them one by one; death was my errand and the fate they had earned” (Beowulf 176-180). Beowulf uses his past heroic deeds and his confidence to convince Hrothgar why he is a fit opponent for Grendel the monster. Furthermore; Beowulf reaches his lowest point in the hero cycle when he’s faced with three numinous phenomenons. First he encounters Grendel the monster who has been killing the Geats. His quest is to defeat Grendel and save the Geats. Although at first Beowulf appears to be losing the battle he is able to defeat the monster by tearing its arm from its socket. The second phenomenon Beowulf encounter is Grendel’s mother who desires revenge for her son. King Hrothgar turns to Beowulf and Beowulf decides to fight the monster’s mother. “He

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