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Self Concept – Who Am I Paper Jeanna Chavez Macilvaine Psy 400 April 7, 2014 Timothy Emerick, PhD. Carl Rogers (1961), a humanist, believed that human beings are always striving to fulfill their innate capacities and capabilities and to become everything that their genetic potential will allow them to become (Ciccarelli, 2006). An important tool in this development is the image of oneself, or self concept. Self concept is based on what people are told by others and how the sense of self is reflected in the words and actions of important people in one’s life such as parents, siblings, coworkers, friends, and teachers (Cicarelli, 2006). An individual looking at the world must decide on how…show more content…
Self esteem is the overall sense of self-worth we use to appraise our traits and abilities (Myer, 2010). Our self-concepts are determined by multiple influences, including roles we play, the comparisons we make, our social identities, how we perceive others appraising us, and our experiences of success and failure (Myers, 2010). With the decisions I make I hold my head high do not allow others to influence my decisions either bad or good. My life choices may not be accepting of others but they are mine and are acceptable to me. It is my opinion my self esteem is accepting myself as I am in this world, no matter what I look like and any imperfections I may…show more content…
At the age of 14 I entered high school. This time in an individual’s life is usually quite gruesome and brutal and either can make or break a person. I had to learn to adjust to a new environment and find my place in this secret society of high school. My fears of not fitting in this new environment I had to utilize self concept and self esteem to be able to cope with the changes and the social world before drowning in my own fear. As I overcame the sense of fear my self esteem boosted me up and motivation through self efficacy allowed my high school years to be abundantly full of joy and great experiences. At the age of 27 I had to two small children and had found myself in a horribly abusive relationship that nearly physically killed me. Over the years my self esteem had diminished and my view of my future was a blur, I could not fathom what it could be I was in a thick fog. I made the decision to separate from my children’s father, although it was very difficult fearing for my life everyday it had to be done because it was not just me anymore, I had my children to take care of and they counted on me. I could not just give up and not try to make a better life for us all. I had to restart my life again in which I found myself and strength through my faith in god. I had to discover who I was now, what society might expect from me, and what my role as a

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