A Healthy Lifestyle

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“A Healthy Lifestyle” After researching material for this for this essay I have learned a lot about my lifestyle. This new knowledge has caused me to be more aware of the choices I make. As a result it has become very apparent that that changes in my personal habits must be made in order to maintain as healthy a lifestyle as possible.The most common changes involve personal diet and exercise. A restructured diet and daily exercise can vastly improve your overall health as well as be the the key to a long and healthy life. Many of the most common health problems today are associated with a poor or careless diet. By simple educating yourself and making healthier choices to that diet while still young you can adapt beneficial eating habits that may improve your overall quality of life. One very important example of a healthier choice would be to consider increasing your daily intake of fruits and vegetables. The effect of greater amounts of both fruits and vegetables you can reduce some very serious health risks .Examples of these risks begin with several forms of cancer including the one heard about most commonly today “Breast Cancer”. A diet rich with fruit and vegetables also offers protection against things like colon and rectal cancer. The second important diet change to consider would be to lower intake of fats. Take the time to learn how to monitor fat consumption by reading the labels on foods more carefully.By doing this you will gain a greater understanding and an increased seance of self awareness .Many simple everyday changes such as using olive oil for baking, and a low fat margarine or non fat dairy products are easy first steps to lowering your daily fat intake. Lowering a persons fat intake will lower there cholesterol level thus lowering there risk for certain types of cancer

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