Unit 1 Assignment 1 Homeostatic Balances

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Unit 1 Assignment 1: Homeostatic Imbalances Hello I am going to explain the diagnosis of hypertension you just received. Let me start out with explaining what hypertension is. Hypertension is “Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a medical condition in which the blood pressure is chronically elevated. Hypertension is one of the major risk factors for strokes, heart attacks, heart failure and aneurysms and is a leading cause of chronic renal (kidney) failure. Even moderate elevation of arterial blood pressure leads to a shortened life expectancy” (Gary F. Milechman, 2009). Some of the causes could be from diet, genetics or age. Another reason could be due to a lack of kidney function. When the kidneys are not functioning properly, fluid builds up…show more content…
Homeostasis is the balance within the body to stay at a normal healthy level. Certain things can hinder your balance within your body like disease or disorder. The body will naturally try to bring your body back to its normal levels through this and also what is called a negative feedback system. You have receptors in your body called baroreceptors which are pressure sensitive nerve cells detect the high blood pressure. They then send nerve impulses to the brain which is the control center of your body. The brain then would then process the information and respond by sending signals to the heart and blood vessels which are part of your cardiovascular system. It tells the heart to slow down and the blood vessels to dilate or widen. This will help cause the pressure to decrease. In order to aid the process you can watch your diet by reducing salt intake and eating better foods like vegetables and controlling obesity it is also good to stop or moderate your alcohol consumption. Just try to live a healthier life will help and in extreme cases medication will be used to help treat the disorder. I hope you now have a better understanding of the condition and wish you the best

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