A Beautiful Mind

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Activity #1: Diagnosis John Nash's antisocial behaviour was clear from the very beginning of the movie where we notice him seated alone and not speaking to anyone. As the movie develops he is hardly seen associating himself with people other than his roommate who he relies on and to who he states that "the truth is I don't like people much, and they don't much like me." Abnormal behaviour John displays is where he starts to believe he had been hired for a top-secret government mission, even though he hadn't. These delusions often led him to ramble on about things that no one could understood. Disorganized speech is another symptom of schizophrenia which he displayed frequently. John often interacted with things that weren't there. This is seen when he feels like he is being tracked with a tracking device and even cuts his harm open to try to find it resulting in self-afflicted injury. Another example of abnormal behaviour John has shown would be the scene where he places his new-born baby in the bath tub and leaves it there because his "friend" said he would watch it. The baby almost drowns because of this. His hallucinations has gone to an extreme to where he begins to come close to harming others. Activity #2: "A Beautiful Mind" - Historic and Authentic Anosognosia is symptom that keeps someone from getting help or away from treatment. This affected Nash because he was in deep denial about being schizophrenic and coming into face with reality. Even after John later gets treatment, he is drawn away from his medication in hopes or achieving normality, though his situation only got worse. His delusions never got to the point of harming anyone or anything beside his mental state of mind, but after John loses his grasp on reality due to stopping his medication, both his wife and baby are put in harm. Cognitive therapy strategies helped with John's disease because
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