M2 Business Essay

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M2: Explain how life factors and events may interrelate to influence on individuals development Case study 1: John was made redundant as senior manager in a high street clothes shop. As a result, he is experiencing high levels of stress, he worries that he will not be able to pay his bills and feed his family. As a coping strategy John resulted to smoking and heavy drinking, where in most evenings his family find him passed out or drunk. This has been a difficult time for both John and his family. The events in Johns life that interrelate to effect his further development is that he has been made redundant and has taken up smoking and heavy drinking. This will physically effect his development as the constant drinking and smoking will go onto harm his organs and can lead to liver damage, lung cancer, yellow teeth’s or failure of the organ itself. As he has consumed alcohol, it will slow him down thus making his reaction to things slower than usual. His intellect will be affected as the intoxication will affect his judgement and John will be unable to make formed decisions as he wouldn’t be able to take things seriously. His perception and views on things around him will be altered as he is unable to think straight. In terms of language, he will be talking using slurred words and will be talking using an inappropriate language whereby he will say what he really thinks. Johns emotions may vary as there may be times where he will be angry and feel trapped and useless as he has lost his job and is unable to help and provide for his family thus knocking down his confidence and self-esteem; there will also be times where John wont know what his feeling as the intoxication will take over so he’ll be feeling emotionless. Socially John may not want to socialise with his family as he will be scared to talk to them. He may result in criminal activity, due to the
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