Reflective Essay on Schizophrenia

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This essay is a reflective case study of the movie “A beautiful mind”. First of all it will discuss briefly about the movie and then define the schizophrenia and it’s manifestation in conjunction with the types and treatment options. This essay also identifies the stigma and prejudice associated with it. In the end it will highlight the ethical issues associated with it and key recommendations associated with the disease. A Beautiful Mind is a 2001 American biographical drama film. It is the true story of John Nash, who was famous for his theories in economics and he suffered from schizophrenia in is life. The film was directed by Ron Howard and written by Akiva Goldsman. The story begins in the early years of Nash’s amazing life when he arrived at Princeton University as a young, brilliant math student, and follows him until he is an old man who wins the Nobel Prize. After witnessing a shootout, John begins developing paranoid schizophrenia and the movie focus on the terrible life struggle of his life due to his illness. The film characterizes many of the symptoms and displays treatments which are effective in alleviating schizophrenic symptoms. Finally with the support of his wife Alicia and his friends he finds the way to manage his illness (A Beautiful Mind, 2001). Schizophrenia is characterized by abnormalities in perception, content of thought, and thought processes. It is also identified by extensive withdrawal of interest from other people and the outside world as in the case of Nash (Insel, 2010). People with schizophrenia shows a normal range of intelligence ability, and do not have a mental disability, even though acute symptoms of psychosis may restrict their capacity to deliberate during an acute episode (Schultz, North & Shields, 2007). The aetiology of the disease is unknown, however the key pathophysiological mechanism underlying the expression
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