Five Parts Dead

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'The structural elements of Five Parts Dead conform with the structural elements of contemporary adolescent fiction.' In the novel, Five Parts Dead by Tim Pegler, it is evident that structural elements that conform with other contemporary adolescent fiction have been included. the main themes of Five Parts Dead are commonly explored throughout contemporary adolescent fiction. First person point of view is used quite often in contemporary adolescent fiction and secrets and revelations are included in nearly all contemporary adolescent fiction. Suffering and pain, relationships and risk are major themes in Five Parts Dead and almost always explored in contemporary adolescent fiction novels because they are common topics that young adults encounter in their everyday lives. Suffering and pain occurs when you have a bad experience and hurt either physically or mentally as a result of it. There are many possible bad experiences that could result in suffering and pain, for example, in The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Choosby, the main character, Charlie experiences mental pain as a result of depression, his best friend's suicide and the memory of abuse, he says, 'there is so much pain and I don't know how to not notice it'. While Dan on the other hand in Five Parts Dead, suffers from both mental and physical pain from the car accident. Dan broke his leg in the accident and he feels 'like roofing nails are being belted into my busted foot', while he suffers mentally because he lost three of his best mates. His mental pain and suffering is shown on page 193 when he says 'I'm sobbing now, my chest heaving like I'm breathing for all of us: Carlo, Aaron, Borris, Phan and me'. Relationships are also deeply explored in contemporary adolescent fiction between friends, parents and siblings and how they evolve over time. The exposure to risk and the feeling of being

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