Romeo And Julie Character Analysis

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Sanity and Insanity Edit 0 1… Mental illness clearly figures dominantly in the play. Yet it is not presented as a static notion and Nowra does not attempt to have any miraculous recoveries during the course of the play. Critics have condemned the almost clichéd rendering of his characters which may seem to diminish the terrible experiences many of the patients have endured throughout their lives. Yet Nowra defends himself, saying that it was not his intention to do this, nor to present the equally clichéd notion of the world outside being madder than the world inside the asylum. However the line between sanity and insanity is explored through the juxtaposition of the patients and society. In the 1970s, those who behaved abnormally were declared to be ‘insane’ and placed in mental institutions that were shunned by society. As we now know with scientific developments, these environments often failed to assist their patients. The use of electric shock therapy for example, frequently lead to severe, long term negative effects upon patients. While the patients were viewed as ‘madmen’ from outsiders, Lewis soon discovers that they are in many ways,…show more content…
Zac’s eccentricity helps him to become a successful musician Institutions cannot help Insanity Cosi demonstrates that institutions cannot help people like Roy and Henry who are suffering from severe mental illness. Roy’s mania continues Henry dies soon after Cosi, despite his brief respite from his stuttering

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