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Cosi – Oral Presentation Relationships are significant in the lives of each of the characters in the play Louis Nowra’s play “Cosi” explores the themes of Love and Fidelity, Madness and Mental Health, Illusion and reality, the power of music and politics and empowerment: the value of theatre. Lewis who is hired to direct a play chooses to direct Mozart’s “Cosi Fan Tutte” but makes a new title “Cosi”. The characters he has to work with are Henry, Zac, Ruth, Roy, Doug, Cherry and Julie these people are mental patients. Lewis‘s friends Lucy and Nick also appear in the play. Lewis is not secure in his romantic relationship or primary friendship, Lewis has three positive relationships with Roy, Julie and Cherry but has one negative relationship…show more content…
But it is clear that nick, like Lucy no longer shares much with Lewis. Their priorities and beliefs no longer seem compatible and, in two out of the three scenes in which Nick appears, he and Lewis fight first verbally (in Act one) and then physically (in Act two). In Act one scene one both Nick and Lucy leave Lewis alone in the theatre when Roy appears and says he is a patient this is because Nick and Lucy both view the patients as “madmen” and don’t want to be around them. Lewis feels betrayed (pg. 2 ). It is also obvious that Nick is only helping Lewis so he can get something in return, “so you’ll help me out on the moratorium committee” but Lewis doesn’t end up helping Nick as later on he views the play being more important than helping a friend out. Nick Believes, as does Lucy that there are social and political issues much more important and valid than love and finality and he thinks Lewis is wasting his time in the asylum “Only mad people in this day and age would do a work about love and fidelity. They’re definitely mad” (pg. 41) Nick says when Nick is at the asylum to help Lewis direct. This is also when Nick and Lewis fight verbally. He doesn’t appreciate the meeting that the opera has for the patients, and sees both the patient’s attitudes and opera itself as “right wing crap”. Nick has a low tolerance for the quirks of the patients, and insensitive towards them, making a joke about their situation. Nick and Lucy didn’t even go to watch the play “Cosi”. “Going out with Lucy to celebrate the moratorium” (pg. 76) Nick says when Lewis asks “Why don’t you stay to watch it” (pg. 76). it is never clear why Lucy is Lewis’s girlfriend as the play does not show us any affection between the two of them. Lewis himself seems uncommitted to the relationship when Doug asks him if he plans to marry Lucy, Lewis says “who knows” and when he kisses Julie his behaviour shows a lack of
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