Cosi Louis Nowra Character Analysis

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Through the use of humour, Nowra shows us that relationships are more important than ideas in Cosi. Louis Nowra’s play ‘Cosi’ depicts the story of Lewis, a young director who agrees to stage a production of Mozart’s Cosi Fan Tutte with a cast of mental patients from a mental institution. The play is set within the historical context of the Vietnam war during the year 1971. Through Nowra’s use of humour, Nowra indeed reveals to the audience that relationships are more important than the ideas, beliefs and practices that are held by the society. Nowra reveals this through the transformation of Lewis as a character whose beliefs and ideas changes throughout the play. The playwright shows this idea by addressing the Vietnam War, The free love era, the negative attitude held by the people towards the mentally ill and through the characterisation of Julie. The idea of love and relationships were not considered important compared to other issues…show more content…
This was a time when marriage was criticised due to the lack of emotional involvement and loyalty was also questioned in committed relationships. In the beginning, Lewis agrees with Nick and Lucy claiming that “love is not so important nowadays”. His statements surprised some of the patients and they were “looking at Lewis as if he was mad”. To characters like Henry, Roy and Ruth, love and fidelity are very significant in a relationship. Nowra however shows that through Lewis’ discussions with the patients and the ironies found in Cosi Fan Tutte helps Lewis to change his view on love and relationships. Through Lewis’ involvement with the play, he comes to the conclusion that “Without Love, the world wouldn’t mean much”. In support, Lewis’ idea of love and relationships change at the end of the play where he realises that relationships, love and fidelity are “important things” therefore rejecting the ideas and values embedded and practised by the society in that
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