A Gay Man's Odyssey Essay: The Effect Of Majority Rule

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The Effect of Majority Rule Society by and large is governed by the rule of the majority. And such a rule can often times have an overbearing disregard for its under-represented citizens. Time and again, the majority often uses a scientific approach to undermine the value and quality of minority life, as seen during the Third Reich in Nazi Germany. Therefore the 1960’s was no exception to the trend. This was the case with Martin Duberman, as he expressed it in detail in his memoir, Cures: A Gay Man’s Odyssey. The majority in this instance is heterosexuality, which is automatically dubbed as normalcy. Thus homosexuality was deviant and in essence deemed pathological. The rule of the majority is domineering insofar as the minority group is kept oppressed and in turn divided. This is seen in Cures, where Duberman shows us the adverse effect of the…show more content…
Sure others will place restrictions on our desires, but these restrictions are there insofar as we allow them to be. This is being solely applied to Duberman and his suffering in his younger days. He failed to confront himself about his sexuality and accept it, which renders him emotionally unstable. So he readily accepted his sexuality as a disease and self-prescribed as being incapable of a lasting fulfilling relationship with another man, as psychiatry would claim during the time. And in essence he became a self-fulfilling prophecy. His society declared homosexuals “incapable of forming satisfying relationships” (Duberman 27), Duberman believed conversion by psychotherapy was his only hope for happiness, and ultimately he was unable to stay committed to his relationships. He would give in to his homosexual desires for a night, seek therapy for his ‘sickness’ the next day, and deny himself the happiness he felt the night before, ergo hell in letting other
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