324 Unit Essay

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Hubert Czupryn Unit 324 – Suport individuals with specific communication needs OUTCOME 1 1.Communication is basic human right. Without communication the person is unable to realise or exrxcise their rights. 2. 3. Futures of the environment that may help or hinder communication: Lighting – Poor lighting can hinder communication especially if the person has a hearing or visual disability, as they may rely on looking at facial expressions. Distractions – Some people can find difficult to concentrate with background noise. People with hearing problem may find difficult to hear clearly if the television or radio is on. Positioning – it is important for effective communication that people can see each other’s body language and facial expressions as these support verbal speech. Barriers – Barriers such a desk or table can block the view of each other’s body language, and create a sense of unease or hierarchy. Space – Everybody need personal space, if someone sits or stands too close, it could make feel uncomfortable. 4. Some people, because of a health condition may communicate using a method that is not formally recognised. This could include the use of the hand gestures alternative use words or sounds and behaviour. Some people may develop their own way of communicating because they do not have ability to communicate in more formal manner. This could be because they have learning disability a physical disability , a mental health illness , a sensory disability . 5. Comunication methods and aids to support individuals communicate: a) Augmentative and Alternative Communication AAC - is the description given to the different ways communication can be supported or replaced. This can include the use of following : Objects – can be used as point of reference Photographs – they can be used as objects are used , but photographs are more portable.
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