2.5 Schools as Organisation

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2.5 Schools as Organisation 2 Know how Schools are organised in terms of roles and responsibilities. 2.1 Described the Roles and Responsibilities of: School Governors The Education Reform Act of 1988 gives the School Governors important powers and duties in controlling school premises and running the school. School Governors are members of their schools Governing Body. The Governing body has a range of responsibilities. They have duties which include to maintain the conduct of the school, with the view of promoting high standards in the area of educational achievement. e.g. Setting Targets for pupils achievement Managing the school finances Making sure the curriculum is balanced and broadly based Appointing staff Reviewing staff performance and pay see Abbots Lane School Prospectus p10 (Become a school Governor) Appendix 12 Governors have a big input in the Health and Safety of the school (see appendix 1) p2 Abbots Lane Health and Safety Policy Senior Management Team This includes the following: The Head Teacher They have the overall responsibility for the school, its staff and pupils, and the overall education they receive. The Head Teacher plays a major part of the day to day aspects of Health & Safety (See appendix 1) p2 The Deputy Head Teacher They play a major role in managing the school, particular in the absence of the Head Teacher, they often are responsible for a curriculum area or specific area of school management. In larger schools there may be need for a Assistant Head Teacher, this role supports the Head and the Deputy with the management of the school. Esther Bentley 2.1 Early Years Co ordinator They are responsible for the children in the foundation stage (in Wales it is the foundation Phase) They are a team of Teachers Nursery Nurses and Teaching Assistants. Key
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