1. What Is Burger King’s Core Competency? How Does It Relate to Its Chosen Strategy?

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Burger King ® was founded by James McLamore and David Edgerton in 1954. The Burger King® system operates approximately 12,000 restaurants in all 50 states and in 73 countries and U.S. territories worldwide (Burger King, 2013). Our text defines a core competency as a special outlook, skill, capability or technology that runs through the firm’s operations, weaving together disparate vale activities into an integrated value chain (Daniels, Radebaugh, & Sullivan, 2011). Based on this definition I believe Burger King’s core competencies are the driving sales and traffic in the US and Canada, accelerating international development, aggressively pursuing refranchising opportunities and maintaining strong focus on corporate-level cost structure. To drive sales BK decided to focus on 4 points: the menu, marketing and communication, image and operations. Unlike Burger King’s ® major competitors, McDonald’s ® and Wendy’s ®, who prepare their burgers on a flat grill which fries the meat, BK prepares their hamburgers on a flame-broiler. They also focus on expanding their menu to appeal to a wide range of demographics. In addition to expanding their menu, BK has established a driven marketing process to target these same demographics. They have created a new image in an inspired 20/20 design displaying their flame-grilled process to increase same store sales, higher profits and a strong return on investments (Burger King, 2013). They have also provided incentives to encourage franchisees to follow the remodeling efforts as well. And finally they have restructured their field teams to decrease their scope of responsibility. When the team has fewer restaurants under its scope, it can focus more on food quality, guest service, speed of service and cleanliness. Also, field members have been redesignated as business coaches. As coaches, they are responsible for guiding teams and

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