Compare and Contrast Essay Mcdonald's vs. in-N-Out

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McDonald’s vs. In-N-Out The rise of the fast-food industry has changed not only what Americans eat but also how their meals are prepared. According to Time magazine, over 25% of Americans are eating fast-food two or more times a week. Two popular choices for fast food dining are McDonald’s and In-N-Out restaurants. With one of them just a few blocks or a few miles away it does not take much to fall into temptation and grab a fast meal. Eating at a fast food restaurant is inexpensive, fast, and convenient for many Americans. However, people have preferences, including this writer, for which McDonald’s is better than In-N-Out. Although In-N-Out restaurant Although In-N-Out offers "Quality you can taste", McDonald's restaurant has progressively has improved the quality of their product and its nutritional value making it the better fast food restaurant. Currently McDonald’s offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner with an extensive menu. In-N-Out only offers lunch and dinner with a limited menu. While McDonald’s had a reputation for unhealthy eating in the past especially after the movie Super Size Me came out, it has significantly improved the quality of its food and now offers options with chicken, fish, salads, and a large selection of drinks. If you visit a McDonald’s restaurant you are most likely to find something that meets your cravings. If you are on a diet you can find something on the menu that is right for you. In-N-Out has always been known for their high quality food and ingredients. They are very proud to say that the food there is always fresh and never frozen. Yes, they have fresh and good

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