Zeus the God of Gods

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Zeus, thunder god was the supreme god of Greece. He is possibly the most well known god of all time, Zeus had to fight to become the ruler of all gods, it was not easy for him to come to power, he has a complex role as a god, and he is strongly defined and like no other god. Many gods are born to power, but this is not the case with Zeus. He was not the first ruler of the gods. The first gods were Chaos, Uranus, and his father Cronus (“Early Life”). Cronus swallowed his first five children because he believed they would try to overthrow him. Zeus’ grandmother Rhea substituted a stone wrapped in clothing for baby Zeus, and Cronus swallowed the stone along with the other children (“Early Life”). After Cronus had thrown up Zeus and his brothers and sisters, they began a war against Cronus that lasted for 10 years (Morford and Lenardon;”Early Life”).When the war was over, Zeus overthrew Cronus and the Titans with the help of his siblings. Zeus threw a lightning bolt at Cronus, and banished him to the underworld for all of eternity (“Early Life”). Talk about awful father-son relations! Zeus had a complex role as an Olympian god. He was the supreme ruler of Olympus, and was known by many names: Zeus Cloud Gatherer, the Rain God, Lord of the Sky and Zeus the Thunderer (“Zeus”). It was said that Zeus is the Lord of Gods and men, but he shares his powers with his brothers. He rules the sky; Poseidon rules the sea, and Hades: the underworld (Morford and Lenardon 59). Zeus was different from other gods in many ways. Zeus was not all-powerful; he could be opposed and betrayed (Hamilton 27). Zeus wouldn’t help those who lied or those who were dishonest (Hamilton 27). Also, Zeus was angry with men, so he made women as a punishment, and he made unmarried men cursed, so that they would grow old without anyone to care for them. This could have affected why women didn’t have as

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