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The Last Olympian Book Summary by Kenneth Zhang Swords clash, and monsters disintegrate, as Percy Jackson and his friend Charles Beckendorf slay each and every one of their foes. This is where the plot begins in Rick Riordan’s fifth book of the Percy Jackson series: The Last Olympian. If you don’t know yet, the Greek gods are real and Percy is a powerful demigod. His father is Poseidon. His friend Beckendorf is the son of Hephaestus, god of mines and forges. Percy and Beckendorf are caught on a risky situation. They had landed on the Princess Andromeda to cut off Kronos’s head before he regenerates. However, they were caught in a trap. To save Percy, Beckendorf sacrifices his own life while Percy dives overboard. When Percy wakes again, he is in his dad’s palace resting with his half-brother Tyson, a Cyclops. The palace is under war with the old seat Titan, Oceanus. Percy pleads his father to let him help, but Poseidon sends his son back to Camp Half-Blood. At Camp Half-Blood, Chiron allows Percy to hear his “Great Prophecy.” Afterwards, he informs the Camp of a spy for Kronos, but they put that aside as they have much bigger problems such as the impeding war against the Titans. Soon, Percy once again leaves camp with Nico Di Angelo, son of Hades, to find out Nico’s battle strategy. Percy agrees with his plan and procures a blessing from his mother, which allowed him to descend in the Underworld. Here, Nico betrays Percy to find out more information about his mother, while Hades betrays them both and locks Percy in a cell. Nico however, helps Percy escape and they went back to the original plan, which was to bathe Percy in the River Styx and gain Achilles’ power, invulnerability. Percy realizes that it is finally time to fight, and he calls Annabeth to gather the campers. She manages to gather all of them except the Ares cabin who refuse to fight due to a

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