Gilgamesh and the Flood vs Noah and the Flood

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When comparing the epic of Gilgamesh and the flood with Noah’s experience with the flood, you must first look at the foundation that the floods in both accounts came from. Both accounts of the floods have subtle changes depending upon the purpose of the flood and the reason there was to be a boat built by each historical figure. Taking a look at Gilgamesh, Utnapishtim, and the flood; we know that this epic came from a time and place that multiple gods were depended upon and worshipped due to specific powers that each god held. This epic was found on tablet eleven written in cuneiform. Gilgamesh is described as an out of control King of Uruk in mythology. Gilgamesh was certain that he was going to somehow become immortal as a ruler who did not seem to care what the outcome of his recklessness led to. Those under the rule of Gilgamesh prayed to the gods for someone to wrangle is power and so Enkidu was created and sent to tame Gilgamesh. While Enkidu was sent by the gods, he was not the most civilized of created figures. Gilgamesh sends prostitutes to have sex with Enkidu to make him more civilized. Gilgamesh and Enkidu eventually have a fight; however they become friends in the end after slaying a giant together. Enkidu becomes ill after a long journey with Gilgamesh and while dying he tells Gilgamesh about a dream he had. Gilgamesh learns of his inevitable fate and learns that Utnapishtim is the only being to have immortality so he seeks to learn how he can achieve the same. Utnapishtim had been warned that a great flood would be dealt to destroy all of mankind. The reasons for the flood are very much argued in different accounts of mythological studies, but some discuss the reason was that the gods were discouraged by mankind’s sins and wanted to start over by clearing out all that had been created in the beginning. Only one man was to be saved, and that was

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