God vs Mayas

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God vs. Mayas People of all time have searched to understand how the earth and humanity developed. There are many wondrous, mysterious aspects of life which cannot be explained with scientific or measurable proof. Also there are many stories that talk about the creation of the earth. History has left us some creation myths which serve to point us in the right direction by hypothesizing the events that led up to human creation. Two of the most popular myths are Genesis and the Popul Vuh, which explains how the earth was created and how humans were created. Genesis and the Popol Vuh creation myth have a lot of similarities and differences which are very important to mention. In Genesis and Popol Vuh myth there are some important similarities of how the world was created and how it was destroyed. One is that in both myths are gods involved. Other similarity is that Genesis says that God created the man from the dust and in the Popol Vuh myth the four gods created the man out of the flesh. In Genesis, God created nature and the world before humans. In Popul Vuh, humans were the last official creations. In addition, both creations seemed to either defy or dissatisfy the Gods or God in some way. In both stories the gods or God struck down a flood as a symbol of their anger as well. Lastly, at the end of each story, the once perfect creation became cursed, whether it was with sin, or ignorance. Also there are many differences in Genesis and Popol Vuh. First of all, Genesis is a part of the Bible that explains how God created humans. Also Genesis says that there is only one God who created the earth and humans with words. God created humans in his image. He only wanted that mankind live happily in the Garden of Eden. The only command God gave Adam and Eve was to do not eat of the fruit of good and evil tree. In Genesis there is only on god and
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