Immortals Movie Summary

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Immortals Movie Summary Theseus and his mother live in a village. Theseus is being mentored by an old man who is actually Zeus in disguise. Theseus was the product of his mother being raped and was considered a social outcast. Hyperion's family dies from a sickness who's prays to the Gods were never answered, so he decides to seek revenge and declares war on Olympus. He begins looking for the Epirus Bow, which he wants to use to free the titans to destroy the gods and attacks several places. He captures the oracle and her servants in order to question them for the location of the bow. Meanwhile, Zeus meets with other gods to tell them they cannot interfere with the conflict until the Titans are released. Theseus' village had been attacked by Hyperion's army and his mother is murdered and Theseus enslaved. Soon, he befriends another slave and the oracle takes notice in him from a vision she has by touching him. She decides to escape with Theseus and a few slaves determined to kill Hyperion. Another of the Oracle's visions tell her that Theseus needs to bury his mother, and when he does, he finds the Epirus Bow, but is attacked and poisoned by Hyperion soldiers . After defeating them, the oracle cures him and has sex losing her visions powers. They return to the oracle temple and find it filled with enemies who capture the Bow. Ares and Athena come and save them but Zeus, angry with their betrayal, kill Ares but spare Athena who provides horses for Theseus to reach to ride to Mount Tartarus which is being attacked by Hyperion's army. Hyperion uses the bow to release the Titans and the gods come to deal with the issue while Theseus begins fighting with Hyperion. Although they are both severely injured, he manages to kill Hyperion but many of the Gods die from the Titans. Zeus ascends to the skies bringing Athena and Theseus who is awarded for his effort and
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