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Literary Evaluation Week 5 Reggie Fatino Instructor: Jay Robbins The Odyssey The Odyssey is one of the most interesting stories in Western culture. The main characters include Odysseus he was one of the most inspiring characters, a real hero. His wife Penelope, she was portrayed as flighty and excitable, but Homer actually made her clever and steadfastly true to her husband. Telemachus is Odysseus’s son, he was an infant when Odysseus left for Troy. He is twenty at the beginning of the odyssey. Homer wrote The Odyssey, he lived in Chios or Smyrna in Ionia, a part of Asia Minor, and it is believed that he composed the epic in the late eighth century b.c.e. Home wanted the audience to visualize and understand what was happen in the story. The main story was about Odysseus, he left for Troy, and did not return for twenty years. He had told his wife that she was to wed if he had not returned before his son started growing facial hair. Penelope had many suitors; they…show more content…
Where he, is abuse and insults by the suitors. He is recognized by his old nurse, Eurycleia, but she will not tell who he is. Penelope has a feeling that the beggar is her husband, so she is very intrigued by him. In the days that follow Penelope decides to have a contest of with the suitors, if one of them can string Odysseus bow she will marry him , she knows that only Odysseus is the only one who can accomplish this task. At the contest after he strings his bow, he, Telemachus, and some loyal servants kill all the suitors. After all the suitors are dead the beggar reveals himself as Odyessus, and is reunited with Penelope. He still had unfinished business with going to see his father, Laertes. While he is there they are attacked by the suitors family, they are seeking revenge for the death of their children (the Suitors). Laertes, kills the Antinous, and this stops the

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