The Role Of Poseidon In Homer's Odyssey

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Poseidon is mad a odysseus because he blinded his son the king of the Cyclops Athena disguised herself as an old friend of odysseus, then as a captain among the soldiers, then as the son of anchialus and an old friend of odysseus. Athena advises telemachaus to look for his father. If he finds his father he kills the suitors if not they have a proper funeral and his mom can remarry penelopie says that she cannot choose a husband until she finishes weaving which she unravels each night An omen is a sign of what is to come Zeus sends eagles as a sign Athena took the shape of telmeachus and gathered a ship and crew. Nestor has opinions of odysseus Nestor was amazed when he realizes that telemachos’s companion is Athena he says telem.…show more content…
,← not luck Naus. Wnt let odys. ride cuz she’s afraid ppl will see it as improper Tells odys. to go around back into the city Phaiacians= sailing Demodocus sang bout the Trojan war and odys. cries. Kin alicnos hets him the best sailors and boats to go home Cyclops eats two of his men. Odysseus get the Cyclops wine as a gift. Cyclops says he’ll eat him last. Stake→eye Cyclops calls out odysseus= no one. Next morning sheep. He’s foolish and calls out then Poseidon Auolus god of wind gives a bag of win the men foolishly open it and changes their ocourse. Island, circe changes men to pigs odys. saiys he’ll stay with her if she changes them back. Circe says to go to hades make sacrifice to dead and speak to the blind prophet teirresias Muse:goddesses give inspiration/ard:storytellers sing stories and travel Epithet: phrase that describes a character or

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