The Changing Relationship Between Hamlet And His Mother

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Discuss the changing relationship Hamlet had with his mother. Shakespeare’s play Hamlet is one of the most recognised staged plays around the world. Set in the early 17th century, Hamlet is the story of an alienated and melancholy, young man that seeks revenge on his father’s murderer when ordered to by a ghost, who Prince Hamlet sees as his dead father. The language and openness used in Hamlet leaves many interpretations to its audience making it the most theatrical of plays. In the play, Gertrude is Hamlet’s mother, and Queen of Denmark. Gertrude is first seen in Act 1 Scene 2 where she tries to raise Hamlet’s spirits after his father was murdered. She begs him to stay at home with her, rather than returning to school. Gertrude is married to King Claudius – King Hamlet’s brother and murderer. He only obtained the throne after killing his brother and marrying his brother’s widow. King Claudius appears to the audience as a civil, diplomatic ruler and it is only until the ghost first appears to Hamlet that is revealed he killed his brother with poison. The betrayal of his mother marrying King Claudius within a month after his King Hamlet’s death leaves Prince Hamlet feeling angry, bitter and revengeful towards his mother. Also the fact that she married her brother-in-law was considered to be incestuous and sinful in that era. When Prince Hamlet hires travelling actors to perform an act to the King Claudius and Queen Gertrude, they notice the plot to be similar to the murder of King Hamlet. When the act has ended, Queen Gertrude orders to speak to her son in private. Act 3 Scene 4 is the scene where Prince Hamlet confronts his mother at her request after feeling he may have offended King Claudius. Although Queen Gertrude has many words to exchange with her son, the conversation is orchestrated by Polonius (Ophelia’s father) and he instructs her to stand

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