How Did Tantalus Want To Dine

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Tantalus was the king of Sipylus, in Lydia. Tantalus was the son of Zeus and Pluto, daughter of Cronus. Tantalus was married to the Oceanid Dione, and was the father of Pelops and a daughter, Niobe. The gods often invite him to dine with them, or that he would host the gods. He was one of the few mortals honoured by the gods, but he foolishly and cruelly wanted to test their omniscience. During the feast he gave to the gods, he killed his son, Pelops, and served the flesh of his son to the gods. All but Demeter recognised human flesh and was repulsed by the horrid crime. According to the Boeotian poet, Pindar, he wrote that his crime was not only those mentioned above, but also that Tantalus had abused his privileges, by trying to share…show more content…
His father had killed him and served his flesh to the gods, hoping to fool the gods. The gods punished Tantalus and restored Pelops to life. Demeter, who had eaten part of shoulder blade, replaced it with ivory shaped like his shoulder blade. When Pelops reached manhood, he heard that King Oenomaüs (Oenomaus) of Pisa, the son of Ares and Asterope, challenged his suitors to a chariot race, offering his daughter Hippodaemia's hand in marriage as the prize. However, any suitors who lose the race against the king also forfeit his life. Oenomaüs had received a pair of swift horses from the war god. The proof of how swift the horses were – the spectators could count the number of headless bodies that littered the race track. When Pelops was restored to life, he became a beloved of Poseidon, because of his beauty. According to Apollodorus, Poseidon gave a winged chariot that could be driven across the sea without ever wetting its axles. But according to Pindar, the pair of horses were winged; the chariot was made out of gold. Pelops went to Pisa, decided to bribe the king's charioteer, Myrtilus, into sabotaging Oenomaüs' chariot. The king was kill as his axle of his wheel broke, dragging the king to his death. Pelops won the race and married
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