The Utnapishtim Flood Story

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Utnapishtim flood story: 1. What is the god’s motive for sending the flood? The great god was woken up and so when Enlil heard that he said to the other gods in council that he could no longer sleep. All the gods decided to exterminate all mankind. 2. What are the reasons the god gives for saving the hero? Because of an oath, Ea warned Utnapishtim in a dream. Utnapishtim was Ea’s servent and Ea was Utnapishtim’s lord. 3. Which humans are saved besides the hero? Utnapishtim’s family and ken and the craftsmen; Puzur-Amurri (the steerman who had the navigation and the care of the whole boat.) 4. What are the commands concerning the building of the boat? Ea told Utnapishtim to tear down his house and build a boat, abandon…show more content…
9. What does the hero do immediately after leaving the boat? Utnapishtim made a sacrifice and poured out a libation on the mountaintop. He then set up their stands and heaped up wood and cane and cedar and myrtle 10. What is the sign given by the god after the flood? I didn’t read about a sign that was given… 11. What is the god’s attitude toward the flood after it happens? Ishtar blamed Enlil for killing her people and said that he could not approach the offering. Enili became very angry at the other gods when he saw the boat. Enili asked the other gods if the mortals escaped because no mortals were suppose to have survived the destruction. Ninurta smarted off that Ea did it and he Ea knew everything and makes his own rules. Ea asked Enlil how he could so senselessly bring down the flood. Then he told Enlil that he didn’t tell Utnaplishtim of the flood, he learnt of it in a dream. Then told Enlil to do whatever he wanted to do to him. 12. Are there any promises made to the hero after the flood? Enlil took Utnapishtim and his wife, blessed them, and said that he and his wife shall live in the distance at the mouth of the
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