Comparison Of Floods

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How treacherous can a flood be to humanity? Perhaps a flood can be very detrimental to humanity and creation in ways very alike and ways very different. The simple comparison and contrast with the flood in Genesis is that of a flood in an ancient Babylonian story of Gilgamesh. A quick look at the text does show some key similarities between them however there are also some critical differences. First let us look at the similarities: It is set in the Iraqi/Turkey area.....similar to the Genesis Flood. A man is warned by a god to build a ship so he could survive a coming flood, sent by the divine powers. The man is told to save himself, his family, and a sampling of all living things. The boat was to be sealed with resin inside and out. A set time is made by the divinity for the flood to begin. The flood includes both rain and water from the surface. The flood covered the mountains. The boat came to rest on a mountain first. Birds were released to test for whether or not the waters had receded. In the Genesis account, a raven and a dove were released. In the Gilgamesh account, a dove, swallow, and raven were released. Once out of the boat, the man offers a sacrifice to the divinity which brings comfort to the divinity at the sweet scent of the sacrifice. Now for the differences: The Gilgamesh tale never says why the gods chose to save the man in the story. It was pretty much dumb luck. In the Bible, Noah was a righteous man amidst a population of evil. The boat dimensions are quite different. The boat in the story of the Gilgamesh flood is a cube, equal on all sides. While in the Bible, Noah is told to build his Ark in a 450x75x45 ratio. This ratio is what is known to ship builders as the perfect ratio for stability for a boat but it was not known until the 15th century AD. The Gilgamesh boat, being equal on

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