The Great Flood

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The Great Flood There are many different accounts about how the “Great Flood” in the current day Middle East occurred. There are many differences, and yet only a few similarities in the four stories. Some differences include why the flood happened, how it happened, and the time period that they spent on the boat varied .Some similarities are that they all involved great floods, the floods occurred because the God’s were unsatisfied with humans, and lastly someone in each story builds an ark or boat so that mankind will survive. The stories all had some huge differences and also some small ones. The first one is why the flood happened; in story three the flood happened because too many people were rejecting the Gods. This made them angry and so the God Ea warned a man of Shuruppak, that a flood was coming and he should tear down his house and build an ark. But in story four, the lord commands Noah to build an arc, and to get two of every species and bring them on his ark. Another significant difference was how much time they spent on the ark. In all of the articles the time varied, in story three they were on the boat for seven days, but in story four Noah was on his ark for forty days and nights. In story four it just kept raining for forty days and forty nights, but in story three the Gods only made it rain for seven days. This is a major significant time period and a huge difference in the stories. All of the stories involved the “Great Flood” just all varied a little differently each time. But there were also some similarities, such as that the flood occurred in every story. In all four stories it’s all basically preparation for the flood that the God’s have warned the few people that knew about it to get ready and to build boats. This brings me to the next similarity, in all four stories someone is building a boat or ark to keep mankind alive.

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