The Spartan King

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The city of Sparta was empowered by two kings and was run through a hereditary monarchy during the early 9th Century BC and onwards. The dynasty was continued by a Spartan Kings eldest son. However, even though the kings reigned in superiority, they themselves had limitations and privileges. Despite this, a Spartan King had several important roles which made them an essential part of the Spartan society. These included religious, military and judicial roles. Through these roles, we discover the importance and a perspective of how the city of Sparta was managed. The king’s religious role mainly conducted of a human sacrifice to the gods which, was believed to grant protection during major events such as a war. This is done by the kings due…show more content…
The Spartan King ruled supremacy over his one hundred Spartan bodyguards. In fact, being part of the Kings squad held great honor and meant that they were as what they would call a true Spartan. During a war, only one of the kings went into battle while the other stayed in Sparta. This is evidently told by Herodotus as he states that this ‘conflict between Kings Cleomenes and Demaratus is what finalized this decision in a time around 507 BC. Following on, the King would generalize and plan out military campaigns. Through these campaigns, guards called ‘ephors’ follow and observe the Kings actions. By doing this, the King had limits and wasn’t able to conduct illegal actions. By failing to proceed to war without any problems, the ephors would report back to Sparta and from there, the King would be recalled and exiled. Through this we can represent Source 2.7, a statue on behalf of Leonidas, a renowned King of Sparta who lead the three hundred men. By looking at this source, it is evidently shown that a Spartan King was highly respected and perceived as true Spartan warriors. We can clearly say this through the statue being represented as not only the king but as many soldiers due to it not having a facial details or expressions. Therefore, the military role of a King was the main slot that had to be

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