Pericles: The Most Important Greek Leader

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Who is the most important Greek leader? I believe that Pericles is the most important Greek leader because during his years of leadership, Athens reached the height of its power and became the cultural and political capital of Greece. Pericles was born around 493 BC and died around 429 BC. He was born into a rich aristocratic family. He held public office from 461 BC to 429 BC. Pericles was a great general and orator. Some of his great achievements were building the Parthenon and the Acropolis, establishing colonies of citizens and using the Athenian navy to keep the Persians out of the Aegean Sea. “He is usually portrayed as a general with a helmet”1 Pericles’ first involvement in politics began in 461BC. His first involvement in politics started when he became involved with a politician Ephialtes. They both decided to have a vote in the popular assembly that would diminish the Areopagus, the old noble council of its powers. “ It was an action that would have huge consequences and many historians believe it to mark the defining moment in Athenian democracy.”2 After the council had lost its powers, Ephialtes was assassinated and this is when Pericles became one of the ranked Athenian politicians.…show more content…
This is one of the main reasons I believe Pericles is the most important Greek leaders. Pericles also began building the Parthenon. The building of the Parthenon was the most ambitious building program in Greek history. Pericles oversaw the project personally. During the first year of building, it cost Athens five thousand talents(equivalent to thirty six billion dollars today). The Parthenon was made from twenty thousand tons of marble. It was made of marble so that it would be strong if enemies tried to destroy it. Athens used money from the Delian League to help pay the expense of the Parthenon. Members of the Delian League became angry at Athens for the huge cost of the

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