Alcaeüs: The Most Famous Greek Gods

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Alcaeüs, or more commonly known as Hercules, son of Zeus, father of all gods, is the most famous of all Greek gods and heroes. Hercules, like most common demi-gods has a god as a father and a human mother, Alcmena. Throughout his lifespan, Hercules demonstrated a large amount of bravery, strength, strong will and courage. Even though half-god children were normal, other gods greatly opposed the idea of sleeping with a mortal man or woman. Zeus one night when Alcmena’s husband, Amphityron, was away disguised himself as her husband and slept with her. Whenever Amphityron returned home, the second night he slept with his wife. Amphityron not remembering that he had slept with Alcmena the previous night, forced him and his wife to consult…show more content…
Amphityron, Castor, Autolycus, Hermes, Harpalycus, Eurytus, and Linus taught him skills such as: fencing, wrestling, fencing, and driving a chariot, archery, and music. While Linus was critiquing Alcaeüs’ music ability, Alcaeüs struck at Linus with the instrument killing him instantly. Amphityron sent him to tend sheep in the countryside hoping to avoid Alcaeüs from killing anyone else. The punishment was short live. While herding the sheep, he slays a lion that has been killing large herds of sheep, instantly making him a favorite of King Thespius’. To offer his gratuity for protecting the herd, the king sends Alcaeüs one of his fifty daughters to his room each night, and he ends up have fifty one sons by the end of the large line up of…show more content…
Now a leader of all battles, Hercules leads an army to capture Troy, the army and Hercules easily break through the walls and defeated the Trojans. Returning home from battle, Hera sends a violent storm that leaves Hercules and his men stranded in Cos. Zeus angered by Hera’s actions against his son bound her wrist from Mount Olympus. The Coans thinking the Greeks were pirates, attacked them, while they survived the attack, Hercules was wounded. Zeus came to the rescue and healed his son. Zeus taking Hercules to Phlegra, put him right back into another war position, this time against giants. Successfully aiding the gods in the War of Giants and completing the twelve labours, Hercules gained a spot on Mount Olympus. (“Myths

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