The History Of Hephaestus

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JL English I Advanced Mrs. Brookhart 28 January, 2010 The History of Hephaestus Hephaestus is the god of fire and crafts according to mythweb. Hephaestus was bored to Zeus and Hera, and in some cases Hera herself. Hephaestus was the blacksmith and craftsman of Mt. Olympus. He built beautiful palaces, armor for solders, with the help of the Cyclops, Zeus’ thunder bolts, and much more. Hephaestus was born deformed and limped when he walked. He had little luck in finding a wife. Hephaestus, as a child was thrown form Mt. Olympus. Stories vary of why this happened. It is said that when he was born his mother was so ashamed of his deformity; she threw him from Mt. Olympus and into the ocean. Other stories say that Hephaestus interrupted an argument between Zeus and Hera, this angered Zeus and he threw him into the ocean. (Mythweb) Hephaestus was raised by sea nymphs. The sea nymphs raised him on an island, Lemnos. This is where he built his forge in a volcano. ( Hephaestus has many talents, but also has weaknesses. Hephaestus can’t control himself when under the influence of liquor. He can be revengeful. Hephaestus was angered that Hera threw him from Mt. Olympus. He built her a golden throne and she was delighted to use it. Once she sat upon the throne she was enslaved. She was trapped by her own son for disowning him. The gods begged for her to be released but Hephaestus refused. Drunken by Dionysus, he was led back to Mt. Olympus, but even though he was not thinking straight he still refused to free Hera unless he was able to have Aphrodite or Athena as his wife. Hephaestus ended up marrying Aphrodite. Aphrodite was the most beautiful goddess in Mt. Olympus and many men wanted her. She may seem innocent, but she was deceiving. She lay with Ares in the bed Hephaestus had made. As they lay together chains started to ensnare them,

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