Animal Farm: Book Vs. Movie

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Animal Farm: Book vs. Movie Have you ever wondered if the book or the movie is better? In Animal Farm the author George Orwell uses animals to symbolize the Russian revolution. Animal farms characterize the things said and done by people in the actual Russian Revolution. Napoleon, who represents the king, is the dictator and he is hungry for power. Snowball, resembles a man who was kicked out of his country, was chased out by Napoleon and his dog squad. KPA, the secrets police, is made up of the dogs napoleon took from Pincher and brainwashed by napoleon. One difference in the movie is that Old Major gets shot, but in the novel he dies of natural causes. What happens is that old major calls a meeting and tell the other animals that they need to overthrow the humans to get a better life. He tells of a song that he and his other friends sung when they were kids called “ Beasts of England” and leads the animals in the song. Jones comes out when he hears the noise of the animals singing and tries to get them to be quiet by shooting into the air, but he slips in the mud and when his shotgun hit’s the ground it fires off and kills old major. Another difference in the movie than in the book is that in the novel the windmill gets destroyed twice and in the movie only once. The first time in the book is when there is a big storm and it knocks the windmill over. The second time is at the second battle and the people come in with dynamite and blow the windmill up. The only time in the movie when the windmill was taken down is when Jones and his wife are leaving and they decide to blow it up. Also, in the movie Napoleon hangs the chickens instead of making the dogs attack them. In the book napoleon suspects the chickens of being traitors and orders the dogs to attack the chickens and Boxer. However, in the movie he has the chickens hung for all to see. The
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