Odysseus as the Epic Hero

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Odysseus the Epic Hero In Homer’s The Odyssey, the war hero Odysseus struggles to find his way home to Ithaca after the ten year long Trojan War. Striving to return home, his cunning and clever mind conquers the seemingly overwhelming obstacles he faces throughout his odyssey. Alienated from his family and countrymen, Odysseus valiantly endures trials and tribulations, in his quest to return home. In order to overcome these hardships, Odysseus relies on superhuman feats. Because Odysseus relies on his cunning and clever mind to pave the way for his return, he overcomes his frustration and alienation; meanwhile, throughout his journey home to Ithaca, he demonstrates superhuman feats through treacherous adventures. Disguising himself as a beggar and creating the Trojan horse, cunning and clever Odysseus ambushes the Trojans and gains tactical advantage to ultimately win the Trojan War. By building the Trojan horse, Odysseus takes advantage of the Trojans greedy premature victory celebration; meanwhile, during Troy’s celebration of the gift received by the Achaeans, the Greek soldiers hide inside the horse and at night escape unseen to conquer Troy. After years of battling, Odysseus, “fighting to save his life and bring his comrades home,” creates a scheme to finally end the war by creating the Trojan horse to infiltrate Troy. (77,6) Because the Greeks’ greed, they gladly accepts the Trojan horse as a present for Athena, but the Trojan horse filled with Greek soldiers eventually destroys all of Troy placing the city in the hands of the Achaeans. In addition, when Odysseus disguises himself as a beggar, marking scars on his body, and dressing in rags, he infiltrates Troy to win the Trojan War for the Achaeans. Since the Trojans recognize Odysseus as a man of wealth and power, by dressing as a beggar he secretly gains entry into Troy. Furthermore, disguised as a

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