Youth Violence an Epidemic

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Youth Violence an Epidemic Violence is one of the most problematic issues we face in society today. To most people, the most ridiculous and noticeable violence is youth crime. Youth violence has become a lifestyle that includes drugs, guns, gangs, and murder. Contributing factors to the problem stem from lack of parental supervision and guidance, social and peer pressures, and violence on television. Everything from school shootings to capital murder, it is apparent that the problem is only getting worse. The causes of youth violence are multifactorial and easily identifiable. It is said that children are products of their environment, understandably growing up is not easy. Pressures come from every angle. Evidence shows that peer and social pressures contribute heavily to youth violence. Parental involvement and violence on TV also play a huge role in violence. It’s easy for young people to fall through the cracks. It has been proven time and time again that youth violence can be deterred with the proper upbringing. The alarming statistics that relate to youth violence are alarming and over whelming. Upon review of a study about youth violence, The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that in 2007, 5764 young people aged 10-24 were murdered, that’s an average of 16 each day (CDC2010). With that said murder is the second leading cause of death for that age group. Other less severe crimes, but still inexcusable are also on the rise. Assaults committed by young people ages 10-24 were responsible for more than 656,000 injuries treated in an emergency room (CDC2010). It is also stated that in 2008, 1280 juveniles were arrested for murder, 3340 for forcible rape and 56,000 for aggravated assault (CDC2010). Authority figures such as educators, law enforcement and politicians are concerned with the youth violence epidemic. To try and help solve the
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