Satire Essay On War On Drugs

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Drug Abuse today affects many people in many places; it tears apart families, countries and even leading to war. It is a major problem within our society, affecting even the most innocent of people. Marijuana alone creates economic and moral issues within the United States. Just one example: over 100 million people above the age of 12 admitted to using marijuana alone at least once in their life that was 40.01 percent of the surveyed people. If such a large percentage of people have used illegal drugs it causes the need for two questions: How many of these people go to prison per year? How much does the government spend on people who use drugs? The Terms drugs and prison are usually mentioned together without thought. It’s actually quite…show more content…
Russia’s priorities are strait whilst NATO is scared of touching the vile herb in fear of risking relations with Afghanistan. The only way to win a war on drugs is by cutting the head of the snake until they cease growing back. With NATO tip-toeing around Afghanistan they fail to realize the ramifications of making enemies with Russia who is a country with one of the largest stockpiles in the world. If we fail to make Russia happy the reduction of their nuclear stockpiles will not be reduced by START (for Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) but the use of them upon Afghanistan in their crusades against drugs; most likely causing massive nuclear proliferation within the Middle East leading to WWIII the first global nuclear war in history. Drugs affect government and allegiances in terrifying ways but what about what happens to the families affected by narcotics? Drug abuse affects all people within the family. The addict is affected through their own self-destructive behavior while the rest of the family suffers through the devastation that it causes; involving them and affecting their lives. Drug abuse can tear families apart. The only way to resolve this ever so rampant issue is to educate the world about the pain accompanied by the high they would
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