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The Problems of Youths Today The youth of today are the future of tomorrow. Society today isn’t what it was a decade ago. People change and so does the society they live in. The problems that our grandparents experienced with our parents aren’t the same problems that our parents experience with us. Today, our youth is exposed to two major social problems that are affecting their lives in a negative manner: young adolescent indulging in drugs and violence. Even though one doesn’t want to be exposed to these issues, it’s impossible not to be. It seems that drugs and violence are on the corners of every street. If one goes to a party, one runs the risk of meeting people doing drugs and/or resorting to violence. Some people do this either to rebel or fit into the society which they live. Others do it to prove to their peers that they are “cool”. Even though these two social problems go hand-in-hand, one can exist without the other. Drug use is an increasing problem among teenagers in today's societies. Most drug use begins in the preteen and teenage years, these years most crucial in the maturation process. During these years adolescents face difficult tasks discovering their self identity, clarifying their sexual roles, declaring independence, learning to cope with authority, and searching for goals that would give their lives meaning. Teens using drugs is the result of a combination of factors such as peer pressure, curiosity, and availability. Drugs are readily available making adolescents both curious and vulnerable. Among adolescents, there is “peer pressure” to experiment with drugs, and young people want to escape from the pressure of trying to fit in. Drug addictions in youth can lead to depression and even suicide. One of the main causes for teenage drug use is peer pressure. Peer pressure represents social influences that effect adolescents either in a

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