Crime Causation and Diversion Paper

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Crime Causation and Diversion Paper This paper will focus on two diversion programs that are operating in Louisiana to help reduce juvenile crime. The definition of diversion is suspension of the prosecution of a charge for a period of time during which the defendant participates in a rehabilitation program or makes restitution and after which the charges are dismissed if the rehabilitation or restitution is completed (, 2009). This paper will also focus on the major causes of juvenile delinquent behavior. There are a variety of reasons why juveniles commits delinquent acts, and we will discuss a few right now. Most children imitate what they see a person do or say so if someone is doing something bad they will most likely copy that as well. Observational learning, social learning theory focuses on behavior modeling, in which the child observes and then imitates the behavior of adults or other children around him or her (Wiesner, Capaldi, Patterson,2003, p.318). Social learning is one cause of juvenile delinquent behavior because; juveniles who are easily persuaded are most likely to imitate everything they can see. A good example is the violence that is portrayed on television it can have a huge negative impact on the behavior of some children. The next reason why juveniles commit delinquent acts is child abuse. If a child is constantly being abused it is highly likely that they will turn violent to protect themselves. Once they turn violent they are most likely to commit delinquent acts. The next reason is drug abuse if they are hooked on drugs they will commit delinquent acts so that they support their habit. Drug use will cause a juvenile to act violent. It can also cause them to steal, and to kill as well. One last reason is if a child has a learning problem. When a child has poor performance in school it is more likely they will commit
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