What Are you smiling at?

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What Are You Smiling At? I had tried to experiment smiling to all people that I bump in too for this couple of days but I can not get a good story. So, now I am just going to tell the story of my experience when I used to work in a restaurant as a waitress back in Taiwan. Smiling would not hurt your pride but it can make you feel better in life. I used to not smile because of all my problems and stress in life, my face would always be serious even at work or going out with friends. One day I came in to work early and my boss was there he wanted to talk to me in his office, he had asked me if I like working in his restaurant? Then he told me what all the customers and my co-workers think of me. They think that I am rude, snobbish, and always angry all the time. I had told my boss that I like working there and I did not mean that all of them would see of me like that way. After that talk with my boss I started realizing that not smiling would make a bad impression to anyone. At that time I started smiling at everyone at first I felt weird but all the customers and my co-workers was starting to smile back at me. All of them started to ask me what is wrong with me and I look different. I had told them that nothing is wrong with me. They told me that they like to see me smile all the time because I do not look mean and angry. People starting to open up to me and I was getting along with everyone, they had become my friends, going to parties, giving some advised to each other and helping one another. It felt so good to smile at people and they smile back at you. My boss was happy and never have any bad complains about me anymore. I had learned that smiling would not hurt your pride it would not make you feel weird it would let you meet new people and become your friends. They would think that you are a nice person they would like to be your friend, sometimes smiling to

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