Analysis Of Gilb's 'Please, Thank You'

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Petur Vega English 1302 Paper 2 March 5, 2013 Bourdon In Gilb’s “Please, Thank you “He describes a recently admitted patient that hates everyone and everything about hospitals. A man named Mr. Sanchez is in the hospital due to a recent stroke that he had; leaving half of his body numb or in other words lifeless. Describing everything from the employees to the help button; Being in a hospital makes Mr. Sanchez degraded and also feel worthless as well. Mr. Sanchez would say “This hospital is racist and uses discrimination towards everyone except Anglos. He describes in detail to his kids every employees name and how they all piss him off one way or another. Having this stroke has made him feel like a “carcass” (4). He shows his hatred throughout the story not only through words, but by giving the reader images by talking about his days spent in the hospital. “Every hour or few they would wake me up, I was dazed because I didn’t sleep enough” (4). Mr. Sanchez does not like when…show more content…
Sanchez realizes that he wasbeing harsh towards all the staff, He tells one of the staff members “you’re a good person. I know your ahonest work”(22). Even though he was a hassle for the nurses, Mr.Sanchez realizes that at the end of the day that they are all doing their jobs and they succeded at it too. He at the end says “My daughter and son are coming for me and I cant wait to see them”(23). Throughout the story Mr.Sanchez appears to the reader as a old grumpy man who doesn’t like the doctor nor the people woring there. Dagoberto Gilb’s “Please, Thank you” was inspired by him himself having a stroke in 2009. “Now, Gilb admits, as the persona of the opening story in Before the End, After the Beginning, “please, thank you”(May). This particular story is progected for an older audience rather than a younger one. While reading this I found out that this fits the old audience category because of the hatred toward the doctors and the hospital

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